Stink Bug Naturals: Non Toxic Deodorant Review

Don't know about you but I live a pretty on the go life so having a deodorant that works is crucial. Oh, and have I ever mentioned I live in Florida? Aka the land of year round crazy hot temperatures? Yeaaaaaaa, this momma needs something that WORKS. Luckily Stink Bug Naturals exists! They're a family… Continue reading Stink Bug Naturals: Non Toxic Deodorant Review


DIY Flamingo Cake! Dairy Free

For my grandmother's recent 86th birthday I was assigned the important task of cake maker for her flamingo themed bash. This was of course totally cool with me though because: I love my Grandma. I knew if I made it, it would have completely legit vegan ingredients. I'm always down to prove to my non… Continue reading DIY Flamingo Cake! Dairy Free


Evolvh: Hair Care Review + Giveaway! |vegan, non toxic & cruelty free|

When you find new non toxic hair care products that actually work you hold on to them and NEVER let go! Evolvh has quickly become a favorite of mine and I'm super stoked to share all the deets on their awesome products. I've even had friends asking me what I'm using because my hair looks… Continue reading Evolvh: Hair Care Review + Giveaway! |vegan, non toxic & cruelty free|


Mini Chocolate Bites |dairy & egg free|

Probably no surprise by now that I love making healthier vegan versions of sweet treats 😉 Here's another one to add to the list and it is SO GOOD. Super yummy, simple and fun to make with your little ones if you have any. Serving: 13 mini bites Ingredients: 2 cups almond flour 1/3 cup… Continue reading Mini Chocolate Bites |dairy & egg free|